How can I stop a divorce in Georgia once it has started?

The decision about whether or not to divorce is usually not an easy one. There are a lot of factors in play – hopes of reconciliation, your financial situation, the impact any children involved, the division of property and debts, child support payments, and much more. You may also worry about what happens if you stop the process and change your mind a short time later. You may worry about starting the process all over again.

If you change your mind about a divorce in Georgia, the divorce process can be stopped. The person who filed the divorce petition can dismiss his or her petition. If a counterclaim has been filed by the other spouse, that spouse would need to dismiss their counterclaim as well. If you are both sure that you wish to get back together, that may be the best step to take.

However, if one or both of you is uncertain about whether or not you want to proceed with the divorce once it has been filed, a postponement may be another option. Speak with your attorney about whether the divorce case can be postponed, and for how long- the answer to these questions are case specific. That will save the time and expense of withdrawing the divorce petition, changing your minds again, and then being forced to re-file the case later.

If you have filed for divorce and you are having second thoughts, you should speak through the matter with your spouse, as well as your attorney and your spouse’s attorney. Your attorneys can help advise you on the legal consequences of stopping or postponing your divorce. If you are seeking an experienced divorce attorney in the Atlanta area, call Shalamar Parham, Atlanta Divorce Attorney, at 678-439-1482 for a consultation.

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